What happens when an incorrect wallet address is submitted for withdrawals?

Due to the nature of the NANO network, when a send block is generated, the funds associated cannot be recovered. We do verify that the wallet address that you provided for withdrawals is in a correct format (64 characters), but if you happen to misspell it or lose the seed/password to recover your wallet, funds withdrawn will be lost and impossible to recover.

Why is there currently a restriction (time/amount) on withdrawals?

Withdrawal requests are processed by humans at the moment, firstly for security reasons, and to avoid fraud. The time and amount restrictions thus act as a way of preventing too small transactions to spam our team members, and guarantee a reasonable processing time for everyone.

Why is my withdrawal not instant?

In those early stages, as withdrawals are processed by humans to prevent fraud, it takes some time for your withdrawal request to be validated. You will receive a mail notification when the transaction is complete (generally within a business day).

What is my wallet address used for?

Your personal wallet address is used as a way to identify your account. It is unique and once registered, it cannot be used for another account. Thus, our deposit verification algorithm uses your profile's recorded wallet address to make sure that you initiated the transaction (along with the hash).

It is of high importance that you specify your wallet address before sending any funds to our node.

What is the transaction hash used for in the deposit process, and where do I find it?

Our deposit verification algorithm asks the public NANO network (through a block explorer) whether the transaction is complete or not. This is mainly to prevent overloads on our relatively small server — we only run one node at the moment (January 2018). The transaction hash (also referred to as "block identifier") is used along your wallet address to check your identity and prevent fraud — a single transaction should not lead to your LuckyNano account being credited twice.

If you have any security concerns, please be aware that a block hash is publicly available data. Sharing it cannot compromise your personal wallet in any way.

In rai_wallet Version 9.0, transaction hashes are displayed in your Account history as follows:

To copy your transaction hash, click on its box and press Ctrl-C.

Why is there a restriction (time/amount) on deposit requests?

As of now, LuckyNano only runs one node to handle deposits. The time and amount restrictions act as a way to prevent too small transactions from spamming our server, and guarantee a reasonable transaction completion time (receive blocks will be generated faster).

Why is my transaction not complete yet ?

NANO transactions are reputed to be instant. This is correct, but it does take a few seconds for your computer and our server to generate and broadcast their respective send / receive blocks. If you get an error message when trying to deposit funds, just wait a bit before trying again. Please contact our support team if the issue persists longer than expected.

What does "Profit-based fee" mean in Poker game?

When you leave a Poker table, LuckyNano takes a small fee (depending on the table that you were playing on), proportionnal to the profit you made. There is no fee to sit at a Poker table and begin playing, and you won't be asked any fee in the case you made a negative profit, or simply end with an even balance.


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